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What is Quill-View?
Quill-View is a simple application to convert QL Quill files to Text (UTF-8) and HTML format. It translates all Q-DOS characters and most of the commonly used formatting features in Quill, thus producing results very similar to what a printed copy from Quill would look like.

Where can i use it?
Quill-View currently runs on the following OS's:

- Windows XP and Vista
- Debian 4 and up
- Ubuntu 8.04 and up
- Fedora Core 3 through 9 (and Red Hat of course)

The  distributed  binaries  are  likely  to  run on most other distributions as the code only uses stdlib. If you're unsure, just try and you'll find out! If neither of the binaries work on  your  system,  mail me and I'll port it (given that I can download that distribution).

How do i use it?
Please read the documentation in the distribution.

About the license
When I started this project I severely underestimated the complexity of Quill formatting. In the limited time i could spend, I ended up with "pasta" code that is just to embarrassing to release. I can't use GPL for code that is not released to the public, so that is how this ugly license came about. When, if ever, i have time to clean it up, I'll release it under GPL,

I hope that you find it useful despite it's flaws. If you do, please drop me a mail and tell me that you like it!

You may click on download submenu to get it.

Mikael Strom, Nov 28, 2008 - mike [at] sesamgames [dot] com