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Local connection

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JMPing : Is a command line tool utility that allows you to get an ok or not ok response whether your ping has been successful or not. JMPing is by design quicker than normal ping command as the response timeout is set by default to 10 milliseconds. This timeout allows you to quick ping machine in a Local Area Network environnement, but you need to set a larger timeout if you plan to ping a machine over a Wide Area Network like Internet. JMPing sets a success (0) or unsuccess (1) value in ERRORLEVEL in order to let you write batch scripts. You can now check if a machine is present on your network before launching a network request for example.
Page du produit JMPing
Escrito por Jimmy Montesinos, en 2005-01-08.

QLAY2 is a Sinclair QL Emulator. It's an update of QLAY (for MSDOS) and QLAYW (for Windows 3) which were originally developed by Jan A Venema in the Netherlands. This specific release has been made for everyone that wants to get a stable emulation of a regular Sinclair QL system on a 32 bit Windows platform, quickly and for free. The focus is on compatibility with the original Sinclair QL, though with the option of extra speed and storage.
QLAY 2 product page
Escrito por Simon N Goodwin & Jimmy Montesinos, en 2005-01-08.

QL2K is a Sinclair QL emulator for Windows 2000, XP et 2003. It's developpement is still in progress. QL2K is Registerware. To learn more click here...
QL2K product page
Escrito por Jimmy Montesinos, en 2005-10-28.