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There are 177 registered users on QL2K.
Here is the list of projects in progress.
There are both QL or QL2K related.
If you want add an idea or work with me on a idea, you just have to send me an email explaining me that.

on 2005-01-22.

Banner exchange project.

As there is people interested by link to this website I can store here a related links section. So if you want to link to this website, here is the informations.

Logo :
Website URL : /QL/index.php
Title : QL2K, Sinclair QL emulation, port of QLay for Windows 2000 and XP by Jimmy Montesinos.
Email : /contact.php
Send me by email or link the information of your website in order I'll include it in the link section.
on 2005-01-22.

Call to developpers.

If you are a S*Basic, ASM 68K, C68, or Windows programer (C/C++) and you have some programs to share or just need to develop some new stuff. If you want to help us with QL2K or other current projects, if you can help for translation...
Feel free to contact me, I really need you.

I can host your programs or documentation for you and for free.
on 2005-01-22.

Port of Nebula II - Space trading game on QL

This is an old very rare QL game ( In French ;-) !! ). I succeed on making it work on QL2K and I need to rewrite some piece of code. As after searching the original author without success, I'm will release it here for free.

Now my futur need on this project is someone that can help me to translates the strings in English and Spanish.

Clic here to view a screenshot.

This program is completly written in SuperBasic.
on 2005-01-22.

QL2K Desktop

I start the development in Visual Basic of an utility for QL2K to manage multiple configuration files. There is some others features in it.

Some news on it will arrive soon. But this utility will be distributed only to registed QL2K Users.
on 2005-01-22.

As Rich and I need it, I'm thinking on a utility to transfer file between QL and PC and QL2K ( and perhaps QPC2 ). I'm working for the moment on a reliable protocole that work with #@Ą^@\ QL ser port. ;-) If you're interested by this contact me, ideas and help will be a lot appreciated.
on 2005-01-22.