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Sinclair QL Recursos en Castellano/Spanish Resources
Sinclair QL Recursos en Castellano is maintain by Javier Guerra.
There is a lot of informations on QL related stuffs with news, forums, download section and so on. A really great spanish site and graphically very good.
Javier Guerra help us in both beta testing and translation on QL2K.

RWAP Services run by Rich Mellor, is an excellent source to get Sinclair QL Hardware or Software stuff. Rich help us in beta testing of QL2K actively.
Sinclair QL Computer Wiki - Sinclair QL Home Computer Wiki. A generalist Wiki for QL Users or QL beginners.

Dilwyn Jones is the former editor of QL today, now News Editor for Quanta, and he supply a lot of QL information and software to download from his website.
"QL Users Do It In Black"

TF Services (Tony Firshman's Home Page) : Sinclair QL support. This page holds details of/links to current TF Services products and services, and latest support files. Certainly the best reseller for Sinclair QL Original Black Box.

Thierry Godefroy Website :
Le site du Sinclair QL et des systèmes compatibles QDOS. The most complete information concerning the Sinclair QL world and compatible.